A downloadable game

Credits  Liam West (DevLiamW)


Movement - WASD

Mouse - Look around

Door asset (Door interaction) - E

Room asset (Speakers interaction) - E (toggle)


These assets compose of a door, room, and a house. The models were designed on 3DS Max and imported into Unity with a few interactions and sound added to them. 


  • Submarine door that's intractable.
  • Country side room with speakers you can toggle.
  • Haunted house designed as an asset pack that you can rebuild. (some models not included in this demo)

Plans for the future

These were designed within a short period of 2 months, I will not be coming back to this any time soon since I have more projects in the queue! For example, the Chinese new year street scene will be uploaded in January. 


References for sound links on demand.

Some sound files are not mine, however they are free to use. 


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Install instructions

Extract .zip folders and run .exe file.


Door.zip 23 MB
Room.zip 46 MB
House.zip 40 MB


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I love how you hear the cat rubbing his paw against the door kinda quietly. My cat on the other hand, bangs on the door so loudly to get me to open it. He's a fat strong cat. lol.