A downloadable game

Liam West (DevLiamW)


W, A, S, D - Move

Left click - Shoot

Right click - Throw cure


You wake up, brush your teeth, get dressed and go to your AMAZING office job like any ordinary day, an endless cycle repeated to the end days. Well, not today! Your research labs have discovered a virus that has spread throughout the floors of the building infecting your fellow co-workers to become ZOMBIES! Move your way through the building clearing the waves of Zombies and surviving as long as possible until rescued? Will you ever be rescued…?


  • Upgrade your weapon.
  • Cure the infected.
  • Shoot through waves of zombies.

Plans for the future

This project was created way back in my first year of University. Soon enough I will revisit this, fix bugs, refine features, and give an overall improved feel and look to the game.


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Install instructions

1. Download.

2. Open folder.

3. Run Z Eat Lead.exe


Z eat lead.zip 11 MB

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