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Liam West (DevLiamW)

Xbox Controller required.

Left Analog Stick (X axis) = yaw, slight roll

Left Analog Stick (Y axis) = pitch

A = Boost

Y button = changes camera view

Right trigger = Shoots bullets

RB + Left Analog Stick = Barrel Roll


You are a pilot of the iconic 'Supermarine Spitfire' aircraft during WW2, flying across vast enemy territory. Use split second decision making to evade the path of the bullets. Try destroy all main objectives with the immense fire power of the aircraft.


  • Shoot turrets.
  • Evade projectiles.
  • Fly an aircraft.


Music from Dunkirk.

Plans for the future

This is an on-going project so there is a lot to add. I plan to develop this as a co-op game mode, 1 player will have to fly the aircraft and shoot from the wings, while the other will be able to switch between dropping bombs or using a turret at the back of the Spitfire. Smoother controls will be added, aesthetic and intractable upgrades from a shop and different types of enemies.


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Published Nov 13, 2017
GenreAction, Shooter
TagsController, Flight

Install instructions

1. Download.

2. Open folder.

3. Run the .exe file.


Build.zip 31 MB

Development log

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